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Autodesk Autocad 2013 Mac OSX

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Autodesk Autocad 2013 Mac OSX
Autodesk Autocad 2013 Mac OSX 英文正式版

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With powerful tools for design aggregation, AutoCAD 2013 software connects
and streamlines your design and documentation workflows. New tools to connect
with AutodeskR 360 cloud-enabled services help you access and collaborate
on designs from almost anywhere. And with a single destination to find and
install hundreds of different apps, it』s easier than ever to customize
your AutoCAD experience. Includes a 1 year Autodesk Subscription.
Explore Your Design IdeasCreate the previously unimaginable. AutoCAD 2013
software gives you the flexibility you need to explore design ideas in both
2D and 3D. A powerful set of intuitive tools helps you visualize and shape
your ideas, bringing innovative concepts to life.

3D Free-Form Design: Use robust surface, mesh, and solid modeling tools in
AutoCAD 2013 software to investigate and refine your ideas.
Point Cloud Support: Bring your 3D scans to life, streamlining time-consuming
renovation and restoration projects.
Context-Sensitive PressPull: Extrude and offset curves, creating surfaces and
solids, and select multiple objects within a single PressPull operation.
Surface Curve Extraction: Extract isoline curves through a specified point on
a surface or face of a solid to determine the contour lines of any shape.
Autodesk Inventor Fusion: An easy-touse tool for direct modeling within a DWG
environment, helping you flexibly edit and validate models from almost any
Accelerate DocumentationSpeed projects from concept to completion with the
powerful documentation tools in AutoCAD 2013. Minimize repetitive tasks and
accelerate your workflow. Import 3D models directly into AutoCAD 2013 and
instantly create intelligent 2D views. No matter your project』s size or
scope, AutoCAD software can help you meet the challenge.
AutoCAD 2013 software offers a broad toolset that helps you drive
efficiencies throughout the drafting and documentation process, regardless of
your particular industry. Some of the new tools for AutoCAD 2013 include:

Section and Detail Views: A new Layout tab provides easier access to tools
for creating Section and Detail views of imported models.
Updated User Interaction: The interface now includes a less intrusive, yet
more flexible command line, additional contextual ribbon tabs, and more
multifunction grips.
Property Edit Preview: You can dynamically and instantaneously preview
changes to object properties before applying them.
Strike-Through Text: A new strikethrough style is provided, offering
increased flexibility for representing text in your documents.
Connect SeamlesslyConnect your entire design workflow by aggregating models
from a variety of applications into your AutoCAD workplace. Synchronize files
and collaborate on designs with built-in connections to Autodesk 360 cloud-
enabled services. And native support for DWG, one of the world』s most widely
used design data formats, helps keep everyone on the same page.

Autodesk 360 Connectivity: Synchronize drawings with your online account
directly from AutoCAD software.
Import and Aggregate 3D Models: Easily import and aggregate models from a
variety of applications, including Pro/ENGINEER, CATIA, SolidWorks, NX, and
Rhinoceros products and services.
Inventor File Import: Create AutoCAD documentation drawings from Autodesk
Inventor models while maintaining an intelligent and associative relationship
between the AutoCAD and Inventor files.
Connect with Social Media: Share your AutoCAD designs with your social
world using built-in connections for Facebook and Twitter.
AutoCAD WS Web and Mobile App: Stay connected to your designs from your
mobile device.
Native DWG Support: Demand native DWG support, not a conversion or a
Customize in Ways You Never Thought PossibleCustomizing AutoCAD to meet
your specific needs can be easier than you think. Whether you simply want
to arrange tools to match how you work or tailor the software for your
industry, AutoCAD 2013 software is flexible enough to support your workflow.

AutoCAD Apps on Autodesk Exchange: Extend the power of your software using
AutoCAD companion apps created by members of the Autodesk Developer Network.
Simplified Migration Tools: New and enhanced tools make it easier to
migrate your custom settings.
Customization and Support File Sync: You can easily share and access your
AutoCAD customization preferences and support files, which move with you
automatically from one machine to the next.
Customizable User Interface
Programming Interface: Create specialized design and drafting applications.
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